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Aviation Open House 2017

Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore

Using grid as one of the design language to show how aviation continues to ascend for new height with their research and technology. An invisible grid in the sky, inspired by the Traffic Management of Unmanned Aircraft System (TM-UAS), with lighted (up-ward motion) line showing the safety zone for flight. Upward motion of the arrow also highlights how aviation have been constantly improving and also a representation of the flight movement.

Tourism Industry Conference 2017- Shaping Our Strategies Towards Quality Tourism

Singapore Tourism Board

Using a continuous line that shapes the skyscraper to highlight various tourist attractions along the distinctive skyline of Singapore city. The use of purple (a colour associated with royalty and preciousness) with a touch of turquoise blue and yellow light to bring in the vibrancy of tourism, against the bustling city skyline. The design is further enhanced with lush greenery around the designated purple columns to highlight Singapore as a City in a Garden.

HAPPINURSE Apprentice Training Bus

MOH Holdings

Derived from the various imagery of “Care to go beyond” Campaign, the design approach studies what makes the target audience - the students, smile like the nurses. Using vibrant colors, intriguing characters and engaging interactive, both tactile and touch-screen, to allow students to enact a journey as an apprentice nurse in HAPPINURSE – Apprentice Training Bus.

AIA Agency Final Sprint 2016

AIA Group

Historically, animals have shown their resilience and tenacity for survival. This spirit is exactly what we would like to push each agent to demonstrate because they have what it takes to be No. 1. The chosen animals have symbolic meanings to illustrate the personality of different AIA agents. The animals will be presented through carefully selected visuals and color schemes to ensure it communicates a positive and motivational communication message.